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Mālama Hāloa (Ku‘i Program)

Hana , Koolau
Activity takes place:
Outdoor activity, At a community location, At school.
During time period(s):
Afterschool, Fall Intersession, Winter Intersession, Spring Intersession, Summer Intersession
Agriculture, Culture, Health, Vocational
Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Detailed Description:
Training of students and community members on the traditional techniques of pounding pa‘i ‘ai and making poi, including the protocols and practice of growing and caring for kalo.
No charge
Fee required
Schedule (Days/Times):
Program times:

In-School Program, Thursdays, 12:20–2
- Open to 5th and 6th period high-schoolers (who receive permission from their teachers) + 8th graders (selected by the Hāna School guidance counselor)

After-School Program, Thursdays, 2–3:30
- Open to K–12 students

Community Ku‘i, Thursdays, 3:30–6:30
- Open to Hāna School graduates, ‘ohana members of Hāna School students, and other adults from the Hāna community

Class Field Trips to Lo‘i Kalo in Wailua Nui, Mondays
(coordinated by Hāna School teachers)

No Ku'i program during Winter Intersession.
Additional Information
Hāna School (Thursdays)
Wailua Nui (Mondays)

New participants can sign up on weekly sign-up sheets available on the Hāna School gymnasium bulletin board on Monday mornings (see necessary permissions for in-school programs). Students participating in Mālama Hāloa both in the In-School Program and the After-school Program are free. Those participating in the Community Ku'i Program are asked to pay $2/lb.

Please contact Mālama Hāloa Program Manager Lehua Park at lehua@hanabuild.org for more information.

Perpetuating practices of growing and caring for kalo occurs in Wailuna Nui every Monday.

Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke, established in 2000, is an award-winning construction skills training program for at-risk youth in Hana, Maui—an isolated community on the island’s east coast with over two-thirds its population of Native Hawaiian ancestry. It is also a non-profit organization that has extended it's values of vocational training, sustainability and empowerment to include a community farm and a traditional ku'i (pounding kalo) program.

Our approach is to teach academic subjects through real-life, hands-on application, where students can understand the concepts they’re learning through tangible examples. But these aren’t just examples for learning’s sake. Our projects meet real school and community needs, so our students’ education immediately serves those whose lives it touches.

Self-sustenance, sustainability in building—these are some of the principles we aim to pass on to the next generation, as we create caretakers of our community’s future, leaders of our islands.

The mission of Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke (“In Working, One Learns”) is to provide at-risk youth with a way to learn that makes sense to them, that builds their self-esteem and shows them they have the power to change their future.

On the outside we build structures—on the inside, we’re building lives.

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